My name is Jon Hill and my goal is to ruin everything you love.

Wait… What?

You read that right. Marketing ruins… well, practically everything. As a marketer and growth strategist, I subscribe to an elite few who are relentless, resourceful, and twisted enough to prod platforms past their breaking point—all for your gain.

Call it a sadist’s response to platform ingenuity, but ‘breaking’ the latest innovations in order to grow yours is what helps me sleep at night. It’s how I’ve blown up subscriber lists from zero to two million; tripled startup profits, and why Facebook has blacklisted three of my accounts (but we’ll save that for another time).
That so many great innovations have stood the test of time proves that if we can’t ruin something for our gain, it shouldn’t exist (see: Airbnb and Craigslist; Zynga and Facebook; PayPal and Ebay). I’m here to be your litmus test.
So, what shall we ruin today?


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